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Driven daily: Volkswagen Bus high-top

vw-bus-high-top-005Keeping this week’s air-cooled Volkswagen theme going, we’re featuring a Volkswagen Bus high top that we photographed on the outskirts of Salt Lake City, Utah, last month.

Volkswagen stopped importing pickups and panel vans after the infamous Chicken Tax was passed in 1963. As a result, in the United States bay window Buses came in three different flavors: a standard passenger-carrying tin-top van, a camper equipped with a pop-top generally built by Westfalia and a high-top camper with a permanently raised roof generally made out of a composite material. The high-top camper is arguably the rarest of the three breeds, though that doesn’t necessarily make it the most sought-after or the most valuable.

The faded red high-top showcased here is fairly rust-free for a 40ish-year old Volkswagen that has never been restored so we imagine that it hasn’t spent its entire life in Salt Lake. The license plate isn’t original so it’s hard to tell where this van’s journey started but we wouldn’t be surprised if it was driven up from a warmer place like southern Utah or even Arizona. Being a camper, it has likely toured countless states – or even countries – and something tells us it’d have fascinating stories to tell if it could grab a pen and write an autobiography.

Sadly, the Bus looks like it has recently been the victim of vandalism. The driver’s door window and the sliding door window have both been smashed and covered up by plastic and cardboard. Cold fronts and insulation be damned, this Bus still set up as camper inside and it actually looked like it is being used as one on at least a semi-regular basis.

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