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Car lot find: Honda Accord (mk1)

honda-accord-mk1-1We saw this first-generation Honda Accord while touring car dealerships in Salt Lake City, Utah, on a Sunday afternoon. Painted in an attractive shade of bronze, the Accord stuck out like a sore thumb among brand new 2015 Hondas and certified used late-model cars.

A sticker below the driver-side tail light reveals the Accord was most likely sold new at the same dealership that we photographed it at. We’re willing to bet that it’s been garaged all of its life because Utah is very tough on cars – in the summer the sun cooks clearcoats and ruins dashes, while in the winter the copious amount of salt dispensed on the roads eats up rocker panels at an alarmingly quick rate.

Although remarkably clean, the Accord needs a little bit of work to be perfect. There are minor dings and dents all around, small rusts spots in a number of places and some of the trim is missing front the front fascia. We couldn’t photograph the cockpit because the doors were locked but it looked even cleaner inside than it does outside. Additionally, it was equipped with a five-speed manual transmission, an option that we understand is fairly rare and desirable on early Accords.

It’s not perfect, but it’s without a doubt one of the cleanest all-original first-gen Accords we’ve ever seen.

2 thoughts on “Car lot find: Honda Accord (mk1)

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  2. I owned a ’76 & ’77 Accord, both older than this one. At that time the 5-speed was standard. The ’77 unfortunately had the 2-speed Hondamatic which was one of the reasons I eventually sold the car. Not an automatic in the normal sense, you put it in first, ran it up to 25-35 and clicked it up to second. Abysmal performance, both speed wise and power wise. I remember if I even had one passenger in the car, it would lose speed on a hill on I-35W in Burnsville, though the ’76 with it’s 5 speed was never bothered by it. A perfect example of an option of questionable value!

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