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2014 Future Classic: The provisional rankings

What cars will fetch big bucks at auctions in 20 years and what ones will all but disappear from the automotive landscape? It’s hard to say for sure, but our future classic series aims to provide some insight into the future of the collector car market.

Last year’s winner was the Mercedes-Benz w124. At the time of writing the Suzuki Cappuccino, the Jeep Cherokee (XJ), the Renault 25 and the Subaru SVX are all tied for first with 86 percent, though the Cherokee takes first since it has the most votes out of the four.

Below are the provisional rankings for this year’s future classic competition.  Voting will close on December 31st at midnight, and this year’s winner will be announced shortly after.

1. Jeep Cherokee (XJ) (69 votes, 86 percent yes)


2.Renault 25 (36 votes, 86 percent yes)


3. Suzuki Cappuccino (36 votes, 86 percent yes)


4. Subaru SVX (21 votes, 86 percent yes)


5. BMW 5-Series (E34) (107 votes, 83 percent yes)


6. Volkswagen Corrado (63 votes, 81 percent yes)


7. Honda Prelude (mk2) (53 votes, 81 percent yes)


8 AMC Eagle (29 votes, 71 percent yes)


9. Fiat Barchetta (50 votes, 70 percent yes)


10. Peugeot 405 (44 votes, 70 percent yes)


11. Suzuki Jimny / Samurai (mk2) (23 votes, 70 percent yes)


12. Lancia Thema (80 votes, 68 percent yes)


13. Ford Bronco (mk4) (3o votes, 37 percent yes)



Latest addition

Acura Legend (mk1)


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