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Rust in peace: Volkswagen Rabbit (mk1)

volkswagen-rabbit-mk1-1We photographed this first-generation Volkswagen Rabbit at a self-service junkyard in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Like the first-gen Golf in Europe, the Volkswagen Rabbit is steadily going up in value in the United States. Volkswagen aficionados are picking up the few nice-ish examples that remain and doing their best to keep them on the road, while the diesel-powered Rabbits are actively sought-after because they are some of the most efficient classics available in the United States.

The example pictured below has evidently lead a hard life. Originally finished in a shade of light blue that was popular on the first-gen Golf / Rabbit and Polo, it was spray-painted black at one point in its life and given a “murdered-out” look with yellow headlights, blacked out turn signals and blacked-out tail lamps. The engine looks like it comes from a later Golf and the car is fitted with an aftermarket exhaust system.

The Rabbit was evidently involved in an accident and totaled by the previous owner’s insurance company, which explains why it’s sitting among late-model imports in a junkyard. The damage at the rear of the car is a little bit odd and we can’t tell whether it was sustained at the same time as the front end damage or if it was caused by one of the junkyard’s Caterpillar machines.

We photographed the Rabbit about a day after it was put out on the lot so it’s still fairly complete in the pictures. We’re willing to bet that if we go back today, about a week after the pics were taken, the bulk of the salvageable parts have already been removed.

4 thoughts on “Rust in peace: Volkswagen Rabbit (mk1)

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    • very good eye. i wonder if the clip is the one that came with the car and if not how many times was it replaced! i would love to see what the car looks like now.

  2. Its hard to believe that a classic like this is sitting smashed in a scrap yard if it was me I would have fixed it up repaired the chassis and put it back on the road

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