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Live from the Los Angeles Motor Show: Mini Cooper

ranwhenparked-laas-mini-cooper-7BMW’s MINI division has quietly brought a late-model Mini Cooper to the Los Angeles Motor Show. The automaker isn’t debuting anything in the City of Angels but it is showing the new five-door Cooper and the Superleggera concept for the first time in North America.

Finished in a rather odd shade of purple, the Mini Cooper is fairly rare in California because it was never sold new in the United States and importing one is easier said than done, especially in the Golden State where safety and emissions regulations are notoriously strict.

The GB emblem on the trunk lid hints that the Mini started life in its home country of England but the left-hand drive configuration suggests otherwise. Regardless, it is wearing old-style California plates so it has likely been in the U.S. for quite some time.

We applaud Mini for showing off its heritage, but we wish the Cooper had been more prominently displayed and parked under better light.

2 thoughts on “Live from the Los Angeles Motor Show: Mini Cooper

  1. They wouldn’t want to park it too close to the new cars as it would served to illustrate just how hideous the new generation of MINIs are, especially that new 5 door MINI.

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