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Rust in peace: Ford F-350

ford-f-350-10We photographed the Ford F-350 pictured below while driving through the Mojave Desert during a brief trip to the American southwest. The F-350 is actually very well hidden and we didn’t notice it right away. We initially stopped to photograph what looks like an abandoned farm and we caught our first glimpse of the truck when we stuck our camera through a broken window.

The radiator grille tells us the truck was most likely built in 1962 as a 1963 model. We’re fairly certain it’s a F-350 and not a smaller F-250 or F-100 because it has a heavy-duty frame and a long wheelbase. Although the rear axle is gone, odds are this 350 rolled off the assembly line with dually rear wheels.

It’s difficult to tell how long the F-350 has been sitting in this spot and what exactly happened to it. Most of the missing body parts are scattered around the property but there is no sign of the bed so our best guess is that the F-350 was a stake truck used by the owner of the farm until it became too old, and the front end was dismantled to facilitate the task of pulling the engine and the transmission.

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