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Live from the 2014 SEMA show: The very first Mazda MX-5 race car

sema-2014-mazda-mx-5-miata-racer-10Mazda has traveled to the SEMA show that is currently taking place in Las Vegas, Nevada, to display the very first Miata race car ever built. The car was brought out from storage to help launch the first track-bound version of the fourth-gen Miata that was unveiled a few months ago.

Wearing chassis number 17, the racer was one of the cars that Mazda displayed at the 1989 edition of the Chicago Motor Show when it introduced the MX-5. After greeting the show-going public in Chicago it was converted into a SCCA-spec racer and campaigned in events held across the United States.

The 1990 Miata retired with 6,500 miles on the clock. Although that’s not much for a car that is a quarter of a century old, the dings and dents reveal that it hasn’t had an easy life out on the track.

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