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Rust in peace: FSO 125p pickup

fso-125p-pickup-4We photographed the FSO 125p pickup pictured below a stone’s throw away form a small regional airport. We spotted it from a distance and immediately turned around to get a better look at it because it’s the first 125p pickup we’ve seen in at least a decade.

The pickup is actually fairly well preserved considering it’s a work vehicle that is over a quarter of a century old. It is rather solid so it has likely spent the bulk of its life inland, away from the salty sea air. Oddly enough, yellow appears to be the truck’s original color.

The 125p’s registration number was issued in 1987. It’s a little difficult to tell whether or not it’s original because the instrument cluster (a tell-tale sign of later 125ps) was pulled along with the dashboard.

FSO dealers weren’t exactly common in France back in the 1980s. If the registration number is original, there’s a very good chance the truck was sold new at a dealership that was located about five minutes away from where it is sitting today.

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