1960s / Norwegian / Rewind

Rewind to Bru, Norway, in 1964

We’re traveling back to a Norwegian town called Bru in 1964. What car(s) can you identify in the following photo? What one(s) would you most like to have in your garage?

We’d go with either the Fiat 1300 / 1500 or the Borgward Hansa 1500 in the middle of the photo. We’re also very tempted by the Opel Blitz pickup.


4 thoughts on “Rewind to Bru, Norway, in 1964

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  2. This Picture is taken at Bakke Bru in the city of Trondheim, Norway.
    When it comes to identifying the cars I think we can see a Moskvitch 403 (popular car in Norway at that time) behind the Blitz. Behind the Moskvitch we find a Volvo PV544 (even more popular). After the PV comes a VW beetle of course, and behind that again a Vauxhall Victor. Then comes a Bedford and after this a Wartburg 311. The truck at the right is a Volvo L42 Trygge, belonging to Trondheim Mekaniske Verksted. More distant we can see a Ford Taunus 17m P3. And of course the already mentioned Fiat 1300 Juventus and the Borgward Hansa.

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