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Rewind to the Paris Motor Show in 1957

We’re traveling back to the 1957 edition of the Paris Motor Show. What car(s) can you identify in the following images? What one(s) would you most like to have in your garage?

Our choice is easy – we’d go with the dark blue Facel Vega Excellence sedan on the left side of the photo.


Photo courtesy of the Voitures des année 60 Facebook page.

4 thoughts on “Rewind to the Paris Motor Show in 1957

  1. Didn’t the Excellence have structural problems? So HK 500 for me. But I’m surprised how small a show this must have been – France’s three main manufacturers in one photo.

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  3. In 1957 the sculptor Giocometti visited this show and wrote and essay about his experience for ART Magazine of Paris. He describes one car as a “shinning monster of black edged with silver.” Another he termed, “like dripping marmalade.” The Face Vega might be the first mentioned. Any more ideas on either car?

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