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Live from the Paris Motor Show: SEAT Ibiza GLX

We expected Alfa Romeo to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the iconic Giulietta by bringing an early model to the Paris Motor Show.  We expected Peugeot to display a 205 GTi in honor of the model’s 30th birthday but apparently that wasn’t in the cards.  We certainly didn’t expect SEAT to roll out the very first Ibiza ever built to mark the model’s 30th anniversary.

First-gen Ibizas have become a rare sight even in Spain and clean examples with low miles are almost impossible to find.  The Ibiza pictured below is in like-new condition because it has been carefully preserved and maintained by SEAT all of its life – the odometer reads 228 miles (367 kilometers).  Call us crazy, but this is without a doubt one of our favorite car at this year’s Paris show.

4 thoughts on “Live from the Paris Motor Show: SEAT Ibiza GLX

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  2. I really appreciate the crisp, clean and uncluttered design of the first generation Ibizas which is a far cry from the cluttered, over-adorned designs with ridiculously high belt lines of today. The design doesn’t even look 30 years old, either.

  3. You’re not crazy at all – the 1st Gen Ibiza was a great car – albeit with heavy steering. In the 1980’s we were blessed with the best crop of super mini’s ever

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