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Car lot find: Citroën 2CV

citroen-2cv-azl-3The Citroën 2CV pictured below has been sitting behind a local Ford dealership for a number of years. In 2011, we noticed it hadn’t moved in a long time so we offered to buy it, but the owner of the place told us he wasn’t interested in selling it because he was hoping to restore it.

Fast forward to 2014. While the 2CV is still in the same spot, both the engine and the transmission have been removed (presumably so they can be rebuilt) and the car is fitted with brand new Pirelli tires mounted on either new or refurbished rims. However, the car has been sitting outside for years and the patina it displayed back in ’11 has turned into rather alarming rust in a number of places.

The dealership shut down last year and it is all but abandoned today. We recently stopped and asked about the 2CV but we were told it’s an on-going project and it’s still not for sale. Too bad, we were ready to drop our spare Ami 8-sourced 602cc under the hood, install new brakes all around and drive it as-is.

The 2CV was built in the late 1950s. The registration number painted on the body was issued in the Alps in 1966, and annual registration stickers on the windshield indicate it hasn’t seen a public road since 1982. Hay in the trunk hints that it was quite literally pulled out of a barn.

2 thoughts on “Car lot find: Citroën 2CV

  1. The split numberplate is very interesting, I have never seen such a thing.

    Truly a car worthy for restoration, I don’t recall having ever seen a 2CV from the fifties. And driving it “as is” has a charme of its own. 🙂

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