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Rust in peace: Simca 1300

We’re in the middle of a series of articles that covers cars and vans hiding in an abandoned campground located on the outskirts of Marseille, France. All of these cars were stolen, stripped and hidden out of sight decades ago. The ones that we’re showcasing were all built in either the 1950s or the 1960s, but the odd part is that there are also a handful of more modern cars like a Peugeot 306 and at least two first-generation Renault Clios. The place looks like a stolen car depot passed down from father to son.

We’re featuring the cars in the order that we photographed them in: Walking clockwise through the vast, wooded plot of land. The campground hasn’t been used in decades and it is littered with car parts as well as miscellaneous scrap metal, construction debris and so forth. The only indication that this was once a place where families went on vacation are dark green portable plastic toilets.

Previous cars we’ve featured include a Peugeot D4A van, a Citroën H tow truck, a Simca 1501 and a Peugeot 403. Up next is a Simca 1300 sedan built between January of 1966, when front disc brakes were made standard and split front seats were added to the list of options, and October of 1966, when the 1300 was replaced by the 1301.

Like most of the cars mentioned above, the 1300 has been vandalized over the past few decades but it stands out from the others because it is in truly terrible shape. Granted, Simcas rust well, but we’re guessing this one was either exposed to salty winter roads or to air from the sea before ending up in the campground.

Additionally, the 1300 is the most complete car of the lot. The interior is intact and the 1.3-liter Rush four-cylinder engine is still there. The car is really only missing the air filter assembly, a couple of hoses, the oil cap and the tail light lenses. The trunk lid is not pictured but we found it a couple of hundred yards away, and all of the glass is gone but shards tell us that it’s been broken on-site.

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