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Driven daily: Citroën Ami 6

citroen-ami-6-11We photographed the Citroën Ami 6 pictured below on a weekend trip to one of the most rural departments in France. Flawless Ami 6s are a common sight at car shows but running, unrestored examples like the one showcased here are few and far between because most have been either fixed up or scrapped.

The Ami 6 is finished in a shade of light blue that is called Bleu Weekend, oddly enough. Primer on the hood and all four fenders indicate the owner has repaired rust in the not too distant past, but the bulk of it appears to be surface rust and the only holes are on the driver-side rear fender. All told, this Ami is exceptionally clean, especially considering it has undoubtedly been through quite a few rough winters.

We didn’t track down the owner and the license plate is not original so we can’t tell when the car was built, but we can narrow it down considerably. It was built between 1962, when the sliding rear windows were introduced, and 1965, when all Ami 6s got bullet-shaped tail lamps. A man we talked to while taking photos in the parking lot said the Ami is driven daily as-is – it’s not a project, the owner isn’t prepping it for paint, he’s simply trying to keep it on the road as long as possible.

We didn’t do this on purpose, but the Ami 6 is a perfect follow-up to the Ami 8 we featured last week.

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