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Driven daily: Citroën Ami 8

citroen-ami-8-2We photographed the Citroën Ami 8 pictured below in a small, quiet town on a Sunday afternoon.  The registration number is not original so it’s hard to tell precisely when the Ami was built but it’s possible to narrow it down quite a bit because it is finished in a beautiful shade of light blue called Bleu Petrel that was only offered in 1975 and 1976.  Other tell-tale signs of a later car include the roll-down windows (as opposed to the sliding windows found on early models) and the later style steering wheel.

The Ami has racked up several small dings and dents over the past few decades and the front passenger door appears to have been repainted.  Anyone familiar with old Citroëns will tell you they rust fairly well so, relatively speaking, this one is in fantastic shape.  We like the light blue, too, it’s one of our favorite colors on Amis.  Blue was a rather unusual shade as many Amis were ordered in either beige or white.

45 years after its debut, the Ami 8 sedan remains under-appreciated by enthusiasts and many rough examples end their lives as parts cars rather than as projects.  Clean 8s like the one pictured below are still around if you look hard enough and they can be purchased for considerably less than a comparable 2CV or Ami 6.  All told, the Ami 8 is arguably the best option for those looking to buy a flat-twin-powered Citroën on a reasonable budget.

9 thoughts on “Driven daily: Citroën Ami 8

  1. Utterly lovely…if you like Amis! My Super is that colour. We had more blues, reds and metallics in England than typical in southern Europe so white and beige were comparatively rare, until the last year when pretty well the only colour available was beige.

  2. At 2CVGB Registers Day this year there were 4 blue, 1 red, 2 white and 1 beige Ami. I know a couple of metallic green ones – I can send you a picture if you tell me how.

    I think we got fewer white/beige Citroens generally because the weather isn’t so hot here, although white was popular on the DS in the 70s – I think it was the standard colour and metallics were standard on the Pallas and a popular option on the GS.

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  6. This was my first car ever. It was red. It ended crashed into a Lancia Flavia… But I was much younger 🙂

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