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Toyota re-releases Land Cruiser 70 in Japan to celebrate its 30th birthday

2014-toyota-land-cruiser-70-26Automakers regularly celebrate milestones by sending out a press release or hosting a special exhibit at a museum. The folks at Toyota are taking the celebrations a step further: The company has announced it is re-introducing the Land Cruiser 70 to the Japanese market in order to commemorate its 30th birthday.

In all fairness, re-introducing the Land Cruiser 70 is relatively easy for Toyota because the truck is still sold new in a number of countries including Australia. However, it hasn’t been offered in its home market since 2004, when it was axed due to waning demand.

Toyota will sell the Land Cruiser 70 in Japan as a limited-edition model for about a year. It is available as both a four-door SUV and a double cab pickup, a body style that has never been offered in Japan. The pickup has a payload of 1,322 pounds (600 kilos).

Both versions of the 70-Series feature an updated front end that borrows styling cues such as a large radiator grille and rectangular headlights from the J100 Land Cruiser. The rest of the truck is essentially standard 1984 fare save for minor trim pieces including an edition-specific emblem on the front fenders. Under the skin, the 2014 70-Series is just as rugged as the model that was introduced in 1984.

Inside, the original 70’s dashboard has been upgraded with a more modern-looking unit that nevertheless retains the original model’s squared-off shape. The ‘Cruiser comes standard with switchgear that will look familiar to anyone that has driven a 1990s Toyota, a four-spoke steering wheel and airbags for the front passengers. Interestingly, the Land Cruiser 70 can be ordered with a touch screen-based infotainment system at an extra cost, two terms that seemed mutually exclusive up until this morning.

Power comes from a 4.0-liter V6 1GR-FE engine that sends 227 horsepower and 265 lb-ft. of torque to the drive wheels via a five-speed manual transmission. A small lever mounted next to the shift knob allows the driver to select between two-wheel drive, four-wheel drive, neutral or low range.

The Land Cruiser 70 is on sale now across Japan. The double-cab pickup starts at ¥3,500,000 (roughly $33,700 / €25,500 / £20,300) while the the four-door SUV model retails for ¥3,600,000 (about $34,600 / €26,200 / £20,900). The list of options includes a differential lock, a winch and alloy wheels.

You’d better act fast if you want to put this modern classic in your garage: Toyota will cap production at no more than 200 examples each month.

2 thoughts on “Toyota re-releases Land Cruiser 70 in Japan to celebrate its 30th birthday

  1. That blue quad cab truck variant is A+. Utilitarian as all hell. Steel wheels, manual transmission-yes please!

    The antithesis of current American market trucks – I love it!

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