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Rust in peace: Mercedes-Benz w126

mercedes-benz-w126-long-wheelbase-3We found the long-wheelbase Mercedes-Benz w126 pictured below stashed away in the same Tokyo-area scrap yard as the Honda Z we featured last week.

We managed to get a quick glimpse of the trunk lid by using our zoom lens but the emblem was missing so it is hard to tell exactly what model we’re looking at. However, the trim at the bottom of the doors indicates its a post-facelift car built after 1986 and the fact that it’s not a U.S.-spec model rules out a diesel-powered SDL. By process of elimination it’s either a 300SEL, a 420SEL or a 560SEL. Regardless, it is right-hand drive so it was likely sold new in Japan.

Like we mentioned last week, the bulk of the cars ending their lives in the scrap yard were stacked on top of each other, sometimes upside down, presumably waiting to be sent to the scrap heap.  The w126 stood out out because it was sitting on a rather tall pile of assorted metallic junk, almost as if someone had set it aside intentionally. Both headlights are gone and careful observers will notice the engine has been removed, but given how complicated it is to access we doubt it’s being saved for the sole purpose of providing parts.

3 thoughts on “Rust in peace: Mercedes-Benz w126

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  2. Heading to Tokyo end of October, looking to pick up some parts for my 300sdl while I’m there. Do you know any junkyards that specialize in w126/140 Mercedes? I want the period correct wheels and a steering wheel from a w140.


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