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Rust in peace: Renault 4 short-wheelbase van

renault-4-f4-vitree-12The Renault 4 van you see below was sitting right around the corner from the 1974 4 hatchback we showcased last week. As a reminder, both cars are ending their days on a farm in the lower Alps along with a couple of other 4s, a badly-wrecked Citroën Ami 6 and a Lancia Thema.

A closer look at the van reveals it was built between 1974, when the new Renault logo was introduced, and July of 1976, when all 4s gained a new steering wheel with two nearly horizontal spokes. The F4 and F6 monikers weren’t introduced until the 1977 model year so the 4 pictured below was simply known as a short-wheel base Renault 4 van.

4 panel vans like our 1981 F4 daily driver are still relatively easy to come by. However family-oriented models with rear windows and rear seats are a lot less common because fewer examples were built.

A registration sticker on the windshield reveals the 4 below was taken off the road in 1993. The fenders and the exhaust system have been removed but the van is largely complete otherwise. It is fairly rusty so it might not be worth restoring, but most of the four-seater-specific parts like the sliding rear windows are sought-after by collectors today.

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