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Rust in peace: Renault 4

1974-renault-4-13We photographed this Renault 4 parked outside of a farm in the lower Alps last winter. Much to our delight, it was one of at least three Renaults 4 sitting on or around the farm, and there was also a run-down Lancia Thema as well as a Citroën Ami 6 station wagon that had been badly wrecked.

The 4 pictured below was the only hatchback, the other two were both F4 vans. The license plates are gone but we can tell it was built in 1974 because it is equipped with the old-style chrome grille but it has the more modern Renault emblem that was used up until the early 1990s.

As is often the case the windshield is gone so we don’t know when the 4’s wheels last saw a public road, but it looks like it has been quite a while. It’s mostly complete, and it’s not unrealistic to say this 4 could be put back on the road with a minimal amount of work. While it would undoubtedly be an ambitious project, 4s are robust, relatively simple to work on and most parts are readily available from aftermarket vendors.

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