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Rewind to Brunswick, Germany, in the early 1960s

We’re traveling back to the Alstadtmarkt in Brunswick, Germany, in the early 1960s. What cars can you identify in the photo below? What one(s) would you most like to have in your garage?

Personally, we’d pick either the orange Beetle with the sunroof or the Goliath GD 750 parked on the left side of the photo.


3 thoughts on “Rewind to Brunswick, Germany, in the early 1960s

  1. I see about nine Beetles, a Borgward Isabella (light green/white), DKW 3=6 (dark blue), DKW Schnelllaster (blue, driving), two Opel Rekords (behind the fountain and behind the 3=6), Opel Olympia (beige, next to the blue Beetle), Lloyd Alexander (dark blue, white roof), Mercedes-Benz W120 (red), Fiat 500 (at the bus stop), Tempo Hanseat (in front of the church), Volkswagen T1 (blue).
    I’ll have the DKW 3=6, please.

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