1950s / French / Renault / Rust in peace

Rust in peace: Renault Juvaquatre

renault-juvaquatre-3We caught a glimpse of the 1950s Renault Juvaquatre pictured below on our way back from our visit to the Peugeot museum in Sochaux, France, last March. Intrigued by the sight of half a car sticking up from the ground, we turned around, parked and walked over to get a closer look.

Our eyes didn’t deceive us: We were indeed looking at a Juvaquatre buried in dirt and gravel. It was kind of a sad sight because passenger-carrying Juvaquatres with side windows are fairly rare and this one looks pretty clean (all things considered). The license plate is gone so we can’t tell exactly when it was built and there is no way to tell when it was last on the road because there are no registration stickers on the windshield.

We were puzzled at first. The most logical explanation we could think of was that the Juvaquatre fell through a Corvette museum-style sinkhole and remained there because the owner couldn’t – or didn’t want to – pull it out. However, an acquaintance familiar with the car later explained the owner dug a hole and buried the Juvaquatre for his own amusement.

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