1970s / German / Opel

Car lot find: Opel Rekord (D) Coupe

opel-rekord-d-coupe-10The Opel Rekord (D) Coupe pictured below is sitting next to the Ford Capri RS2600 we featured last week. Unlike the Capri, the Rekord is mostly rust-free, stock (save for the wheels) and it looks like it was running recently.

The registration number reveals the Rekord was built in 1973, and discreet emblems located near the bottom of the front fenders indicate we’re looking at a model fitted with the Sprint package. The Sprint package added a tachometer, a volt meter, an oil pressure gauge, trim-specific shock absorbers and a sport steering wheel. All Sprint models came standard with 185/70 SR 14 tires, and they were instantly recognizable thanks to a flat black radiator grille.

The Sprint treatment was available on all Rekord models save for the station wagon and variants equipped with the entry-level 66-horsepower engine. The package was a big selling point back in the 1970s but it is less important today, meaning that Rekords equipped with the Sprint package are not significantly more valuable than their stock counterparts.

We didn’t track down the owner of the Rekord but he’s evidently a fan of sporty 1970s coupes – how else do you end up with both a Rekord D and a Capri on your lot? We hope the Rekord will be put back on the road because it’s an underappreciated classic that has become downright rare across Europe.

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