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Rewind to Marseille, France, in the early 1960s

We’re traveling back to Marseille, France, in the early 1960s. Located right on the Mediterranean Sea, Marseille is one of the biggest cities in France so it has always been a crowded place but the following postcards show it was much more peaceful 50-years ago than it is today.

What cars can you identify in the following images? What one(s) would you most like to have in your garage?

Personally, we’d have a hard time turning down any one of the numerous early 2CVs visible in the pictures. As far as pointing out cars goes, zoom in to the middle left of the first picture and you’ll see there’s one model in particular that sticks out – literally.




5 thoughts on “Rewind to Marseille, France, in the early 1960s

    • Caddy indeed – what a random car to see in 1960s Marseille!

      I wonder how it ended up there, maybe it was shipped over by an American tourist. If it was registered locally I would really like to know where it is today.

      • yes that cars story would be very interesting. is there another photo that show the tags?

  1. Yikes, there’s my car;
    In the first picture, early peugeot 203, sky blue 5th from the bottom RH corner. Slightly different to the powder blue 203C waiting at the traffic lights.
    As might be expected, Pug 403s and 404, simcas along with the 2 Renaults (4CV & Dauphine?) merging / avoiding a collision.

    • Good pick, the 203. They look fantastic in blue.

      The two cars merging / avoiding a collision are a 4CV and a Renault 8.

      I think that area of Marseille is closed to cars now but I could be wrong, I haven’t been there in a year or two.

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