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Scaled down: Corgi’s 1/32-scale Mercedes-Benz 240D rally car

corgi-mercedes-benz-240d-2Corgi built several 1/32-scale replicas of the Mercedes-Benz 240D (w115) in the middle of the 1970s. The lineup included a fire chief car, several police cars, a host of different taxis (including the quintessential beige German taxi), a couple of stock sedans and even a rally car.

W115s occasionally participated in rally events across the globe but Corgi’s replica doesn’t appear to draw inspiration from a particular model. The livery is largely improvised and not particularly period-correct – we have a hard time imagining carburetor manufacturer Weber sponsoring a diesel-powered race car. However, the other sponsors listed (Good Year, Champion, Hella, Heuer and Ferodo) are realistic and the fake dirt adds a great touch that is rarely seen on rally models even today.

Like all 1/32-scale Corgi models from the era, the w115 was designed as a toy, not as a collector piece, its proportions are roughly accurate but a lot of the smaller details are approximate at best. The trade-off is that the sedan is well-built and it feels almost as solid as the real thing.

Corgi-built 240Ds are relatively easy to find either online or in flea markets. Pricing ranges from a couple of euros for a rough example like the one pictured below (note the missing tail lamp) to about €30 (approximately $40 / £25) for a mint-in-box model.

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