1980s / French / Renault / Rust in peace

Rust in peace: Renault 4 F4

1987-renault-4-f4-13We photographed the Renault 4 F4 pictured below on the side of a relatively busy mountain road in a remote area of France. It is sitting on a small plot of land that appears to have served as a storage facility until it was abandoned.

A sticker on the firewall indicates the 4 was built in 1987, making it one of the very last 4 F4s ever built. The Express (sold as the Extra in the UK and Ireland and as the Rapid in select northern European countries including Germany) was introduced in 1985 to replace both the F4 and the F6 versions of the venerable 4 van but the demand from fleet operators and loyal buyers allowed the F4 to soldier on until 1988.

A closer look at the 4 reveals it was likely parked as a complete car and dismantled over the following years by passing motorists. Parts like the plastic cowl under the windshield, the windshield itself, the dashboard and the door panels look like they were removed recently because the sheet metal beneath them is bright white and moss-free. Additionally, we’re fairly certain the dents on the passenger side of the car are just as recent.

The windshield is gone so we can’t tell when the 4 F4 was last registered but it looks like it’s been sitting in the same spot for at least five years.

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