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Jaguar building the six remaining Lightweight E-Types

jaguar-lightweight-e-type-1In 1963, Jaguar announced plans to build 18 lightweight E-Types designed to take on big names like Ferrari in the highly competitive GT class. Production started in February of that year, but the automaker canceled the project after just 12 cars had been assembled for reasons that remain vague today.

Over fifty years later, Jaguar has confirmed it will dust off the remaining VIN numbers and build the six missing cars from scratch. The six cars will be identical to the 12 examples that were built in 1963, meaning they will feature an all-aluminum body and use an aluminum 3.8-liter straight-six engine fed by a Lucas-designed fuel injection system. Power will be sent to the rear wheels via a five-speed manual transmission.

The Lightweight E-Types will boast a stripped down interior devoid of all unnecessary equipment, an aluminum hardtop and noticeably less trim on the outside. All told, the special Es will weigh approximately 250 pounds (roughly 114 kilos) less than a regular-production steel-bodied E-Type convertible from the same era.

Jaguar says the six Es will first be offered to well-known collectors who regularly participate in vintage races around the world. Pricing information and additional details will be published closer to the car’s full unveiling later this summer.

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