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Scaled down: Hot Wheels’ BMW 2002

hot-wheels-bmw-2002-10Hot Wheels has manufactured several replicas of the iconic BMW 2002 over the past two years. The exact scale is not stamped on the base of the model but we estimate all versions of the Hot Wheels 2002 are reproduced in approximately 1/64-scale.

Hot Wheels launched the first two variants of the 2002 in 2012. Finished in white and orange, respectively, both models wore a race-like livery with the number nine painted on both doors the the “Hot Wheels” emblem in front of the rear wheels on each side. The finishing touch was the logo of sponsors like Koni, Momo and PIAA affixed to the bottom of the doors.

Some design cues are exaggerated in typical Hot Wheels fashion but the car is surprisingly realistic otherwise. The proportions are accurate for the most part, and Hot Wheels even went through the trouble of reproducing the Hofmeister kink on the C-pillar.

The 2002 was re-released in 2013 in green and dark blue. The 2013-built cars swapped their race decals in favor of more discreet stripes that went down both sides of the car and a silver “Hot Wheels” emblem on both quarter panels. The 2013-build cars are more realistic than their predecessors thanks to additional details such as a painted gas cap, orange front turn signals and a clearly visible roundel emblem at the tip of the hood.

Odds are the 2012-built 2002s are not available in stores anymore, but the green and the blue cars should be readily available at most any grocery store for a few bucks at most.


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