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The third annual Velaux Rétro car show

mot-auto-velaux-2014-citroen-2cv-6The town of Velaux, France, held its third annual car show last weekend. It was one of the first car local shows of the year which is risky because in April the weather can change for the worse with very little notice, as those who visited the much larger Avignon show found out. However, the sun stayed out and the organizers’ gamble seemingly paid off: The show drew an impressive crowd from all around the region to this overgrown village with about 8,000 people.

Most of the cars at the show were at least 40-years old and fully restored. The very few unrestored cars included a second-generation Opel Manta, a Renault 20, a Renault 8 Gordini, an early Citroën 2CV, a Citroën Acadiane, a Mercedes-Benz 220SE and our very own 1981 Renault 4 F4.

Some of the show’s highlights included a beautiful Citroën CX Pallas, a flawless Fiat 127 Sport, a remarkably well-preserved Citroën Visa and a Volkswagen Golf Rallye. Motorcycle owners were invited to attend and several Motoguzzis and flat-twin powered BMWs were displayed near the show’s entrance.

There’s a full gallery of the pictures we took from the show below. If you would like the high-res version of a specific shot or more images of a specific car, email us and we will gladly send you what we’ve got.

2 thoughts on “The third annual Velaux Rétro car show

    • Ha, yeah, I’m glad someone caught that! It was fairly nice otherwise.

      It’s good to see not one but two Acadianes at a show, they’re not very common. Even Dyanes are kind of a rare sight at these events.

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