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Scaled down: Norev’s 1/18-scale Citroën ID 21 station wagon

norev-citroen-id-break-1-18-1French model manufacturer Norev recently came out with a 1/18-scale replica of a late-1960s Citroën ID 21 station wagon. The wagon is a follow-up to the numerous 1/18-scale versions of the DS sedan that the company has introduced over the past couple of years.

Norev’s 1/18-scale DS was a very good model overall so it comes as no surprise that the ID wagon is above average in most respects. The front doors, the rear hatch and the hood all open, the front wheels turn and the suspension can be raised or lowered with a switch found by turning the car over.

The proportions are accurate, the roof rack is very realistic and the miscellaneous trim pieces are razor-sharp. Every part of the interior down to the numbers on the gauges, the switches on the center console and even the headliner has been painstakingly reproduced.

On the down side, there are a lot of black plastic parts in the engine bay that could have benefited from a coat of paint. Additionally, the switch used to adjust the ride height takes a little bit of effort to operate and we feel the ground clearance doesn’t change as much as it does on Norev’s DS sedans. We’re not sure whether this is an issue with all of the company’s ID wagons or just ours.

Finally, like all of Norev’s recent 1/18-scale models, the ID wagon is more fragile than similarly-sized models built by other companies.

The ID wagon is only available in white with a tan top for the time being, but we wouldn’t be surprised to see it re-released in additional colors over the coming years.

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