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Rewind to La Rochelle, France, in the early 1970s

This week we’re traveling back to La Rochelle, France, a medium-sized town located right on the Atlantic Ocean. What cars can you identify in the following pictures taken in 1972 and 1975, respectively? What one do you think is most likely to still be on the road today?



Photos courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.


5 thoughts on “Rewind to La Rochelle, France, in the early 1970s

  1. The first on the left seems a 1750 Alfa Romeo, then a Peugeot (don’t remember a model), R4, BMW, Dyane 6, a Mercedes and a Volvo over the men. On the left, after the first (maybe an Audi?) Audi 100, Renault 16, Autobianchi A112, Simca1000, Renault 5, Ford (don’t remember a model), 2CV, R4 and probably a Rover.

  2. I forgot… I’m proud owner of VW 1974 but that Mercedes (sixth on left) is my dream from long time…

  3. Love the black R4 in the top pic a lot. And the Rallye 2 in the bottom pic, and the aftermarket roof rack on the R16. You never see the custom R16 racks (except on my car, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!). The Marina next to the R12 would be like a period commercial, which is better?

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