1950s / 2014 Geneva Motor Show / Alfa Romeo / Italian

Live from the Geneva Motor Show: Alfa Romeo Disco Volante

geneva-alfa-romeo-disco-volante-8The Alfa Romeo Disco Volante pictured below was displayed at the Geneva Motor Show by coachbuilder Touring to provide a visual connection with the rare modern-day version of the car.

While the new Disco Volante is powered by a Maserati-derived V8 engine sourced from the Alfa Romeo 8C, the original model built in the early 1950s used a 1.9-liter four-cylinder mill widely used in the Alfa Romeo lineup.  It was tuned to produce 158 horsepower, and Alfa toyed around with a powerful variant equipped with a 3.5-liter straight-six engine.

The Disco Volante (a name that means “flying saucer” in Italian) was tested on the track but it was not particularly successful in spite of its highly aerodynamic silhouette and it was shelved without spawning a production model.

The example showcased at this year’s Geneva show is part of Alfa’s personal collection.

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