1960s / 2014 Geneva Motor Show / Abarth / Fiat / Italian

Live from the Geneva Motor Show: 1964 Fiat Abarth 695 SS

geneva-fiat-abarth-695-ss-10Fiat’s Abarth division is displaying a 1964 695 SS at this year’s Geneva Motor Show. The car is celebrating its 50th anniversary and announcing a new, limited-edition model based on the 21st century 500 that is billed as the fastest regular-production member of Abarth’s current lineup.

Presented at the 1964 edition of the Swiss event, the 695 SS was an evolution of the regular 695 that was based on the Fiat 500D. The 695’s 689cc air-cooled two-cylinder engine was pushed to 38 horsepower – eight more than the 695 – thanks to a host of mechanical modifications such as a increased compression ratio. 38 horsepower is not much on paper but it enabled the lightweight 695 to reach an incredible top speed of 80 mph.

The extra power came at a price, and the 695 SS cost about 695,000 lire when it was new? Coincidence? The world may never know.


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