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Live from the Geneva Motor Show: The Morgan lineup

geneva-2014-morgan-2The Morgan Motor lineup would look right at home in post-WWII England.  The firm’s catalog is largely made up of models that have been in more or less continuous production for several decades with only minor changes carried out to the exterior.  The story is different under the hood, where carburetors and ignition coils were tossed out long ago in favor of more efficient fuel-injected engines.

In addition to various offshoots of the aforementioned vintage convertible, Morgan offers a modern coupe with retro-inspired styling dubbed Aero Coupe and a motorcycle-like, V-twin-powered tricycle appropriately called 3-Wheeler.

One of the highlights of Morgan’s stand at the 84th annual Geneva Motor Show is a convertible cut in half to reveal how the firm continues to bridge the past and the present by offering a seamless blend of vintage design with modern technology.

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