1970s / Norwegian / Rewind

Rewind to Oslo, Norway, in 1975

We’re traveling back to Oslo, Norway, in 1975. It’s evident the person who took the photos below was primarily interested in shooting the Norwegian capital’s tram system but the shots make for great car spotting.

What cars can you identify in the following photos? What one would you most like to have in your garage?







Photos courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

5 thoughts on “Rewind to Oslo, Norway, in 1975

  1. without the vw’s vagens:)
    1.merc, merc truck, bmw,amazon,tram
    3.renault16,4, fiat 125,taunus, tram
    5.range rover,escort,volvo bus,amazon,fiat 132,kadet kombi 3d,tram
    6.pug 403, cortina,tram

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