1960s / British / MG / Rust in peace

Rust in peace: MG B GT

mg-b-gt-junked-17The Pininfarina-designed MG B GT has earned itself a well-deserved spot in collector car circles. Introduced nearly 50-years ago, the early models with metal bumpers and center-locking wire wheels are sought after by collectors and steadily going up in value year after year.

With this in mind, you’d expect even the roughest examples to be restored or, worst case scenario, saved as organ donors for another B but we surprisingly found proof of the contrary in a self-service junkyard located in northern Utah. Hidden in a heard of 1970s American pickup trucks was a mostly complete and relatively salvageable early B GT finished in an attractive shade of green.

The B GT was certainly not rust free and it looks to have been involved in a minor accident which might explain why it was taken off the road. There were no registration stickers anywhere on the car so it’s hard to say how long it spent parked, but the dismantled dashboard might indicate it was an aborted restoration project before scrapped.

We took the photos below in November and very few parts were pulled from the B over the following month. We imagine readers who have paid the car a visit more recently will pitch in and tell us whether or not bits and pieces of it will live on and help put other Bs back on the road or if it was crushed whole.

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