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Rust in peace: Citroën 2CV AZU

citroen-2cv-azu-4The Citroën 2CV AZU pictured here is ending its life hidden in a shady patch of forest just off of a major road. The hand-painted registration number was issued in 1955, meaning that we’re looking at a very early AZU van because the model was introduced in 1954.

Inside, a metal plaque bolted above the windshield tells us the AZU started life in the hands of a local company that specialized in manufacturing miscellaneous chemicals and metal products. The company is still around today – it has changed hands and been renamed several times – but they were not able to provide us with period photos of the van and no one there is old enough to remember it or tell us why it ended up in the woods.

The chassis is straight so it wasn’t taken off the road following an accident but the parts car hypothesis is plausible: Most of the interior, the hood, the 12-horsepower 425cc flat-twin and the four-speed gearbox are all missing. Careful observers will note the car is fitted with a pair of rear doors from a 1960s 2CV AK350 – they can’t be any newer because the 1970s AK400 models had fewer ripples and a rectangular light for the license plate.

We’ve known this car for years and we can’t help but notice that all of the identification plates have been removed over the last couple of months. We’re willing to bet person who parked it decades ago held on to the title and government records show this car is still on the road.

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