1960s / Rewind

Rewind to Paris, France, in 1968

We’re traveling back to Paris, France in August of 1968, mere months after a period of heavy social unrest. What cars can you identify in this picture? What one would you most like to have in your garage?


Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.


10 thoughts on “Rewind to Paris, France, in 1968

    • I’d be tempted by a Beetle as well, the one on the left side of the pic reminds me of the 1962 I had.

      I think my choice would be the Renault 4 Super on the right, those are rarer than hen’s teeth today.

  1. tough question. any is good 🙂 i recognize 2cv, peugeot 404 and 304 i think, renault 4 but I would go with Simca from 2nd row left.
    (btw whats the last car in first raw on the left line facing the photographer? )

  2. Remember walking along there in 1966. Also recall that on the Route Nationales the cars driven with the greatest gusto in those days were 404s: I guess piloted by hommes d’affaires in a bit of a hurry.

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