1980s / Rewind

Rewind to Manchester, England, in 1985

We’re traveling back to Manchester, England, in 1985. What cars can you identify in the following images? What one would you most like to have in your garage?



Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

7 thoughts on “Rewind to Manchester, England, in 1985

  1. Top picture car in the for ground is a Mk 2 Vauxhall Cavalier, then the first row right to left. Mk 1 Vauxhall Astra, Mk1 Ford Fiesta, Toyota 2000, Mk4 Ford Cortina, Peugeot 505 estate, Renault 14 TS, Austin Ambassador, Mk3 Ford Escort Van and I think a Talbot Solara. Now the second row that I can identify.. Austin Montego, Toyota Corolla, ?, Mk 2 Cavalier and cars in the back ground I can see are a Mk 2 Ford Capri a Mk2 Ford Transit Minibus a Porsche 944 and a Morris Marina.

    In the lower picture left to right Mk2 Ford Capri, Mk 3 Ford Capri, Mk4 Ford Cortina, Series 2 Jaguar XJ6, Mk 1 Vauxhall Carlton, Ford Sierra XR4i contiueing on the front row a Series 3 Jaguar XJ6, Mk1 Ford Orion, Mk2 Vauxhall Cavalier, Saab 900, Volvo 244 DL then to the back row Mk1 Ford Orion, Mk2 Vauxhall Cavalier Volvo 360 then don’t know the next car then a Mk 3 Ford Cortina and last one I can make out is and Austin FX4 (Taxi) sorry had fun

  2. Sorry I am a lifelong Man City fan and cannot see past our old ground Maine Road !! The corrugated stand is the old Kippax Street stand where I stood for many a game – I probably squeezed past those very cars in the car park to get to the turnstiles on this matchday !! Small world.

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