Steel wheels

Test your steel wheel IQ, thirteenth edition

Our “test your steel wheel IQ” series aims to share our rather unorthodox passion for steel wheels and see how good our readers are at recognizing them.

Can you name the make and model that the following wheels come from? In some cases we have blacked out the logo on the center cap because it would have been too easy to guess otherwise.  Also, there are several right answers for some of these wheels.

Have fun, and thanks for playing along.









13 thoughts on “Test your steel wheel IQ, thirteenth edition

  1. Time for a guess 1) Alfa Romeo (2) Lancia (3) don’t know (4) don’t know (5) don’t know (6) don’t know (7) Subaru (8) Citroen

  2. Arrived at independently from Steven, but closely aligned:
    (1) Alfa Romeo (2) ? (3) ? (4) ? (5) ? (6) VW Bug (cheat on the front fender, bumper and running board) (7) Subaru and (8) Renault, (in)famous for 3-lug wheels, but possibly shared by other French manufacturers, Citroen being the prime candidate for weirdness.

    • 1 is an Alfa, 6 is a Bug, 7 is a Subaru (Brat) and 8 is a Citroen, yep.

      2 is close to 1, 3 is very close to 5 (I think you mistakenly wrote 6 for the Bug) and 4 – you were on right track with your first three-lug weirdness guess for the last one.

  3. 1) I don’t knoww 😦
    2) I don’t knoww 😦
    3) I don’t knoww 😦
    4) I don’t knoww 😦
    5) I don’t knoww 😦
    6) I don’t knoww 😦
    7) Citroën Visa ?

    • All correct except #4, but you’re on the right track. Good job on #7, that one threw a lot of people off.

      Also, if you got #1 you should be able to get #2 fairly easily.

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