1960s / Rewind

Rewind to Stockholm, Sweden, in 1964

We’re traveling back to 1964 in Stockholm, Sweden. What cars can you identify in the photo? What one would you most like to have in your garage?


Image courtesy of the Stockholm Transport Museum. Thanks to Dan from Hemmings for the heads up.


6 thoughts on “Rewind to Stockholm, Sweden, in 1964

  1. Fiat 600 infront of the establishment called ‘Sluss’. But I think I’d most rather have the Saab 96 infront of the house that’s being renovated. It’s far left and a black beetle is driving by.

  2. I’ll have the tram and 114 km of tracks, thank you very much.


    As I have been born in Ingolstadt, I fear I must agree: the Auto Union is very nice.

    Such images make me wish one could have a time machine and go back to these times.

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