Rewind to Nice, France, in 1981

Inspired by Hemming’s excellent Car Spotting series, we decided to launch a similar series that puts an unabashed focus on European cars by showcasing photos taken in European cities.

What cars can you identify in this picture taken in Nice, France, in 1981? What’s the rarest one you see? Which one do you most wish you had in your garage?


7 thoughts on “Rewind to Nice, France, in 1981

  1. The yellow thing in the left corner looks like a sovra lm2 buggy? probably the rarest car of the pic by the way. But I would rather find the yellow 2002 in my garage 😉

  2. While I can not identify it, I like the (converted?) camper van (in the foreground/left), with the red curtains and beige stripe. And I would not like to have it in my garage, I would like to be out on the road with it and travel. 🙂

  3. Lots to see here! Camper van looks to have a Mk1 Ford Transit front. On the right there is a solitary Japanese car in the form of a Mk1 Honda Civic, next to a green Mk1 VW Scirocco.

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  5. I want the blue 2CV for my wife. She starts to long for one for retiremenent.
    Personally, I’m most intrigued by the Innocenti Mini right next to the rear end of the yellow 02 BMW. Rarest car might be possibly the yellow thing in the most lower left hand corner with the light grey canvas roof and air extraction grilles. No idea what that is.
    Great idea! keep the website going!

  6. I can see a metalised blue Lancia gamma coupé bodied by Pininfarina last on the right lane . Al ot of Renault 5 here, this model who a total hit in France,about 16% cars market and the most solded car in Europe this year, despite the fact a Renault 5 can rust in the dealer hall as a Dodge Aspen or a Cadillac Cimarron 😉

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