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Ex-Fangio IKA Torino 380S sells for $45,700 [Update]

fangio-1970-ika-torino-380s-1A 1970 IKA Torino 380S owned by ex-Formula 1 pilot Juan Manuel Fangio has sold for £28,175 (roughly $45,700 / €33,700) at the NEC Classic Motor Show sale that took place in Birmingham, England, earlier this month.

One of 1,558 Torino 380S built between 1968 and 1970, the example that will cross the block was given to Fangio brand new as a reward for his contribution in transforming the AMC Rambler 440 into the Torino in the middle of the 1960s.  He used the car as his daily driver in the early 1970s but stopped driving it when he was appointed president of Mercedes-Benz Argentina, a job that presumably meant he couldn’t be seen behind the wheel of a vehicle that didn’t have a three-pointed star on the hood.

Nevertheless, Fangio held on to the car and a 1975 insurance card shows his brother-in-law and a family friend were both insured to drive it.  When the car was taken out of service is not known but it has been essentially untouched since the famed pilot passed away in 1995.

Although it needs minor paint and chrome work, Fangio’s Torino 380S is in good shape for its age and it is still equipped with its original 3.8-liter Tornado straight-six.  It was sold with a host of period documents including an Argentinian title and registration number, insurance slips, a membership card to Argentina’s automobile club and Fangio’s international driver license.

Photos courtesy of Silverstone Auctions.

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