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Rust in peace: Citroën Dyane

citroen-dyane-junkyard-13The owner of a local junkyard was nice enough to let us in his lot so we could photograph this Citroën Dyane.  A quick look at the grille, the instrument cluster and the paint color confirms the 1969-issue registration number is original to the car. Another tell-tale sign that we’re looking at an early model is the lack of a third side window in the C-pillar.

The registration and insurance stickers on the windshield indicate the Dyane has been off the road since 1998, but the hatch paints a brighter image: This car has been all around the country, and it has all of the stickers to prove it.

In addition to narrating wine-tasting trips in Alsace and camping expeditions in the Pyrenees, the stickers suggest the previous owner donated blood, practiced martial arts, liked bubble gum, supported the local government, probably had pets and listened to a radio station called Maritima.

Stickers aside, the Dyane is in a sorry state and it appears to have been literally driven into the ground. It is complete mechanically and the drivetrain is likely salvageable but years of sitting outside without a top has badly damaged its interior.

The suspension cylinders that run down both sides of the car are gone so we were not able to take a look at what shape the underside is in but, judging by the piece of metal riveted over the floors, we’d guess that even the frame is completely shot.

Another vintage Citroën was sitting in front of the Dyane – a 1974 Ami 8.


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