Test your wheel cover IQ, first edition

The idea is the same as our “test your steel wheel IQ” series: can you name the make and model the following wheel covers come from?

In some cases we have blacked out the logo in the middle because it would have been too easy to guess otherwise. Also, there are several right answers for some of these wheel covers.







12 thoughts on “Test your wheel cover IQ, first edition

  1. This one is quite easy!

    1: bmw e30
    2: citroen gs pallas
    3: peugeot 205 junior
    4: mini
    5: renault 25
    6 golf mk2

  2. #1 BMW 3-series (E30)?
    #6 VW Golf (2nd generation)?

    I’m really sorry to skip the French (and Italian) cars, but besides recognizing it as a possibly a Citroen, or possibly a Renault, or possibly something else, I unfortunately lack the experience with these manufacturers – the country I live in has only a biased selection of cars to gain experience in this, I’m afaid…

    • Both are correct. #1 was also used on select E28 and E34 (pictured) 5-Series.

      I know what you mean about the origin bias. That’s why RWP features a lot of French cars.. granted, I like French cars, but that’s really most of what I come across on a daily basis.

      • What I like about the cars featured here is that they are “honest”. Sure they could do with more horse power, or more space, or more gadgets. But frankly, they have what a car needs, were (and still are) affordable, plus they have a nice, pleasing and often fashionable design. As “everyday goods” they historical artifacts, much more than a big Mercedes, Rolls-Royce or Ferrari would ever be. And frankly, I nowadays prefer a bit the less “serious” and more affordable French and Italian cars over the German from the same era – a car doesn’t have to aspire to be “top notch” in order to be a fun and practical way to get around.

  3. 1. BMW (E34 5-series) 2. Citroen (GS – if not then CX) 3. Peugeot 205 (used on 205 GRD, plus some other 205’s, also 305’s) 4. SEAT (Marbella?) 5. Renault 25 (or Safrane?) 6. VW Golf or Jetta A2, possibly Carat edition

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