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Is the Volkswagen Golf (mk2) a future classic?

vw-mk2-golf-future-classic-13The first generation Golf (sold as the Rabbit in the United States) was an unexpected hit for Volkswagen and replacing was a Herculean task for designers. The automaker wisely picked an evolutionary design over a revolutionary one, a philosophy that has characterized the Golf through over three decades and seven generations.

The second-gen Golf was bigger, more comfortable, generally faster and more modern-looking than its predecessor but it was still instantly recognizable as a Golf. The mk2 lineup quickly gained the same range-topping GTI and GTD-badged models as its predecessors an armada of limited editions including the Atlanta, the Manhattan, the Boston, the Madison, the Pasadena, the Memphis, the Fire & Ice and the Wolfsburg Edition, just to name a few.

First-gen Golf values have skyrocketed recently. Less than ten years ago, a first-gen diesel-burning Golf could be picked up for the value of its weight in scrap metal. Now, comparable models are selling for four-digit figures and fully restored examples are becoming increasingly common.

A quick look in the local classifieds reveals the second-gen Golf is about to hit rock bottom. Rough examples range from free to a handful of euros, while clean, well-sorted models with low miles max out at about €1,500 (roughly $2,000).

Not taking GTI, GTD, Rallye and Country models into consideration, will the second-gen Golf become as desirable as its predecessor, or will collectors continue to invest time and money on first-gen models?

4 thoughts on “Is the Volkswagen Golf (mk2) a future classic?

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  2. Absolutely a future classic, or at least collectible. I find the styling of this gen a serious low point for VW (and I’ve a strong association of severe unreliability with this one too, based on nearly every example in my ken – and I mean when they were new!).

    • Follow-up for clarity: I think these Mk2 Golfs are absolutely going to be future classics, despite my misgivings on their appeal. Obviously the GTI will be the most coveted version, but as the remaining Type 1s slowly disappear, the Mk2 will ascend.

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