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Test your steel wheel IQ, Volkswagen AutoMuseum edition

volkswagen-automuseum-volkswagen-mk1-gtiRan When Parked recently visited the Volkswagen AutoMuseum in Autostadt, a car-themed visitor attraction located in the heart of Wolfsgurg, Germany.  Just a stone’s throw from Volkswagen’s historic factory, the complex is also home to a pavilion for each of the groups firm’s and the world-famous car towers.

Unlike the Volkswagen brand’s dedicated collection, the museum in AutoStadt honors cars that have left their mark on the history of the automotive industry and it showcases vehicles old and new from a diverse array of manufacturers. The list includes unexpected models such as a Citroën DS, a Lancia Lambda, a Cadillac Eldorado with French license plates, a Jaguar E-Type and even a Honda S600.

Full articles on the museum and Volkswagen’s fascinating collection will come soon but in the meantime, can you name the make and model the following wheels come from? In some cases we have blacked out the logo on the center cap because it would have been too easy to guess otherwise. Also, there are several right answers for some of these wheels.

Have fun, thanks for playing along and stay tuned for more.















Bonus round (not a steel wheel)


10 thoughts on “Test your steel wheel IQ, Volkswagen AutoMuseum edition

  1. where do I find correct answers?

    here is what I think:

    1 renault 4

    2. Citroen (not sure)

    3. FIAT-Zastava 1100

    4. VW Passat (no idea acctualy)

    5. Citroen DS?

    6. VW Passat – Audi 80?

    7. Porsche – VW?

    8. Volvo 7 or 9 series

    • Correct answers:

      1. Porsche 914
      2. Trabant 601
      3. VW mk1 Golf / Rabbit, VW mk1 Polo works too.
      4. Audi 100
      5. Citroen M35, though Ami 8 works too.
      6. Ford Capri.
      7. NSU Ro80.
      Bonus. DeLorean DMC-12.

  2. I’ve not tried indulged in this competition before but I think this time I have a chance of not scoring a duck…

    1. Porsche 914
    2. Trabant
    3. VW Polo/Audi 50
    4. Audi 100 (that’s a very late 70’s Audi/VW green)
    5. Citroen Ami
    6. VW K70
    7. Ford Capri
    8. Alfa? could be a Montreal?

    • 1, 2, 3, 4 (good eye on the paint), 5 and 7 are right.

      6 is not a K70 but you’re very close, and 8 is not Italian (but I have to admit it looks like a Turbina design from the 1970s).

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