Sailed when anchored

ranwhenparked-boat-1Floated when dry-docked, sailed when anchored – what’s the boating equivalent of the term ran when parked?

We’ve gotten used to finding abandoned, stripped and vandalized cars on the side of the road but this is only the second time we’ve stumbled upon a boat.  We admittedly don’t know much about boats but as far as we can tell this car-sized example has been stripped of most of its interior, its exterior trim, its electrical system and its outboard motor.

The hull is crafted out of a fiberglass-like composite material and it is in relatively good shape considering it was seemingly pushed off of a trailer.  If it still floats, we can’t imagine it would be complicated to install a used motor, re-wire the whole thing and take it out on the sea,  but the lack of a registration number and a title significantly complicates the matter.

Regardless, someone evidently had a very good idea of what to do with this boat and it was gone less than a day after we photographed it.

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