1980s / 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show / Italian / Piaggio

Live from the Frankfurt Motor Show: Piaggio Vespacar P2

frankfurt-motor-show-piaggio-vespacar-p2-1Who says all of the interesting cars at the Frankfurt Motor Show are displayed inside the innumerable convention centers?  One of our favorites was this Piaggio Vespacar P2 hidden away between two containers outside of the Ford building.

The Messe fairgrounds in Frankfurt is huge and walking to one building to another sometimes takes up to ten minutes, so automakers are using the latest high-tech hybrid / electric models to ferry members of the media from point A to point B.  In this context, the fairgrounds’ two Vespacar P2s stick out like a sore thumb with a loud and generally smoky exhaust and a body designed with no concern for aerodynamics.  The only shuttles capable of matching them in terms of size and noise are two original Minis deployed by BMW.

The Vespacars are over 30-years old and the numerous dents, dings and scratches show that they have had a hard life performing every day tasks with the maintenance crews.





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