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Live from the Frankfurt Motor Show: Goliath GD 750

frankfurt-motor-show-goliath-gr-750-12Components manufacturer Bosch presented a Goliath GD 750 on its stand at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Introduced in the late 1940s, the GD 750 was aimed at buyers who needed a city-friendly and efficient work vehicle.

The GD 750 is powered by a water-cooled 14-horsepower two-cylinder two stroke engine with a displacement of 396cc that sends power to the rear wheels via a manual transmission. The GD 750 weighs 700 kilos (roughly 1,500 pounds) and can haul as much, which makes it rather unique in the world of commercial vehicles.

The example is nearly flawless but the numerous cobwebs in the engine bay indicate that it is seldom used. The GD 750 was not the only vintage three-wheeler at the show, but the second one we managed to photographed was still being used as a work vehicle on the fair grounds.

Stay tuned for more from Frankfurt later today.

One thought on “Live from the Frankfurt Motor Show: Goliath GD 750

  1. You still see these in rural northern India, where they are known as Tempos, being used as taxi buses or goods carriers. They make a confounded racket – I think a single cylinder diesel – and emit a huge amount of pollution!

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