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Live from the Frankfurt Motor Show: Volkswagen Bus

frankfurt-motor-show-volkswagen-bus-2The 63rd edition of the Frankfurt Motor Show opened its doors to members of the press this morning.  Inside the buildings and around the fairgrounds, the recurring theme is electric – or, at the very least, plug in hybrid – mobility.  BMW is debuting the plug-in i8, Volkswagen is launching two production-bound electric vehicles, Peugeot is showcasing its HybridAir and Hybrid FE cars and Audi’s sport quattro likely previews a regular-production gasoline-electric hybrid sports car.

Several participants are bucking the trend and displaying vintage vehicles inside and around the show.  Interestingly, one of the main attractions at Bridgestone is a 1960s split-window Volkswagen Bus with a large flat-screen television mounted in the passenger compartment.  The bus appears to be like-new from ten feet away but a closer look reveals rusty hinges and a low-quality respray of the original colors.  The interior is mostly original and fairly well-preserved.

Stay tuned for more images live from the show floor in Frankfurt later today and tomorrow.

One thought on “Live from the Frankfurt Motor Show: Volkswagen Bus

  1. This VW Bus looks wonderful!

    I like primary colors (for some cars) and this remind me of a service car for “Porsche Diesel” I once saw many years ago (photo isn’t mine):

    Though I think the “Porsche Diesel” wasn’t in the original paint theme… While searching for an image of the blue transporter, I found what looks like the original paint theme:

    BTW: Apparently the T1 was available with the bumpers painted in white. I thought they were always chrome bumpers back then.

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